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2017 in perspective

Another year has nearly finished. For the EU, the combined tensions of Brexit, Catalonian nationalism and a much-weakened Chancellor Merkel seem to be doing little to disrupt normal life. On the other hand, the underlying contradictions inherent in a 27-member … Continue reading

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The overstated dangers of nuclear radiation

The safety requirements for operating nuclear reactors are based on the principle that there is effectively no safe dose of radiation, a ludicrous proposition when we consider the lack of ill-effect from relatively high levels of ambient radiation (eg from … Continue reading

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What has science ever done for us?

With apologies to Monty Python, this seems like as good a title as any for what I have to say this week, prompted by an essay on the BBC website by Sir Venki Ramakrishnan, current president of the Royal Society … Continue reading

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Risk-free food

Food plays a unique part in our lives. At minimum, it is essential for life, but it also has great cultural significance. For those of us lucky enough to live in peaceful, prosperous societies, eating can be an important source … Continue reading

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Rethinking energy supplies

With the double shock (to most) of the UK vote for Brexit and the election of President Trump across the pond, many people predicted a further series of political upsets this year. That’s the way people’s minds work – we … Continue reading

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An imperfect world

Despite the dizzying rate of progress in the modern world – fuelled by human ingenuity – it often seems that people would prefer to see no change. Not only that, but we have a seemingly inbuilt perception that certain things … Continue reading

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Health, safety and unintended consequences

As average life expectancy continues to increase and everyday life for most people in the developed world is safer than it has ever been, the pressure to eliminate remaining hazards has not abated. Now that infectious diseases are no longer … Continue reading

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