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The overstated dangers of nuclear radiation

The safety requirements for operating nuclear reactors are based on the principle that there is effectively no safe dose of radiation, a ludicrous proposition when we consider the lack of ill-effect from relatively high levels of ambient radiation (eg from … Continue reading

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Monochrome Vision

As most readers will already be very well aware, toxicity is a relative term. But for the general public, this simple but important concept is all too often misunderstood. For many people, if something is toxic, then it’s dangerous, end … Continue reading

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Take one barrel of oil…

Electrification is the future if the world’s energy use is to be radically ‘decarbonised’ as the IPCC says is necessary. The somewhat contentious Paris accord is the latest stab at a concerted approach to this, albeit without the involvement of … Continue reading

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Emissions reduction without tears

In recent weeks, I have been very critical of both the costs and feasibility of relying on renewable energy, particularly when it comes to the enormous task of converting effectively all land-based energy use to electricity. Normally, such a change … Continue reading

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