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On the right tracks?

Major infrastructure projects can be fraught with difficulties of various kinds, not least political, where the UK planning system can drag out decision-making for years. Even before reaching that stage, governments are loath to make decisions that are subject to … Continue reading

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Take one barrel of oil…

Electrification is the future if the world’s energy use is to be radically ‘decarbonised’ as the IPCC says is necessary. The somewhat contentious Paris accord is the latest stab at a concerted approach to this, albeit without the involvement of … Continue reading

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Are electric cars going mainstream?

As governments continue to push for cars with lower CO2 emissions, most manufacturers have gone beyond simply making their diesel- and petrol-engined models more efficient (although the results of this have been impressive). They have also begun to introduce more … Continue reading

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Feeding Africa

With so many other issues vying for our attention, it’s easy to forget the critical importance of food security. Food, water and shelter come at the base of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and, without fulfilling these, other needs barely register. … Continue reading

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The Future of Renewable Energy

If news reports are to be believed, renewable energy is the future, alongside electric vehicles and carbon capture and storage. The government-mediated transition to this new economy (with the help of taxpayers’ money, of course) will provide energy security and … Continue reading

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Risk-free food

Food plays a unique part in our lives. At minimum, it is essential for life, but it also has great cultural significance. For those of us lucky enough to live in peaceful, prosperous societies, eating can be an important source … Continue reading

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American exceptionalism

The United States is an exceptional country in so many ways, as visitors can attest. For Brits, a common language at first masks the vast cultural divide between the Old and New Worlds. Americans themselves though are keenly aware of … Continue reading

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