All-electric cars only by 2040?

I should have looked into this more closely before making my previous post. The UK government is also looking to ban the sale of hybrid cars in 23 years’ time. This beggars belief, without some plan for how these electric cars are going to be reliably powered while – and we have to assume that this is the main long-term goal despite the talk about air pollution – cutting carbon dioxide emissions.

Without rationing times for driving, either directly or because batteries can’t be charged, the only option would be to build a whole fleet of nuclear power stations. Since it’s doubtful at the moment whether even Hinkley Point C is going to be built, there is little chance of this eminently sensible option coming to pass.

This proposal is either going to be watered down, or there will be some face-saving U-turn or postponement by 2030. In the meantime, subsidising the purchase of electric cars and the provision of charging facilities will be a massive drain on the economy which could largely be avoided if hybrid cars were the choice.

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