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Why do people think hydrogen-powered cars are sustainable?

A decade or so ago, cars of the future were to be electric, powered either by batteries or by fuel cells, using hydrogen. Major car manufacturers produced hydrogen-fuelled demonstration models, some hydrogen-powered buses were put into service and a handful … Continue reading

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President Obama’s climate change legacy

Today sees the inauguration of America’s 45th President, Donald Trump. Before November 11, few people expected to hear those words, and a good number of people apparently still refuse to accept the fact. A series of protests are planned on … Continue reading

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Turning the tide for renewable energy?

Two common sources of renewable energy – wind and solar – are non-despatchable. That is, they do not necessarily provide a useful output when it is needed (on the other hand, they can be productive when the electricity is not … Continue reading

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Questioning assumptions

Apart from not having to go to work, the great thing about the Christmas and New Year holiday is that pretty much everyone else is away as well. That means coming back to a (relatively) clear desk, without new things … Continue reading

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