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UK’s energy vulnerability highlighted

In a report in The Times, we read that Energy bills set to rise after ship anchor severs power cables. Four of the eight interconnector cables between the UK  and France are now unavailable until at least February. Coupled with … Continue reading

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Diesel, fuel of the future

A decade ago, we were all being encouraged to buy diesel cars to reduce CO2 emissions. More recently, reports of the health toll caused by urban air pollution – much of it down to older generations of diesel engines – … Continue reading

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It ain’t necessarily so…

In a recent posting, McKinsey offered some thoughts on how global energy use will develop up to mid-century (Energy 2050: Insights from the ground up). They used available data and historical trends to model patterns of use based on a … Continue reading

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Marrakech versus Washington

On Monday, COP 22 – the 22nd Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change – began in Marrakech, Morocco. Unlike last year’s event in Paris, this climate summit has received little publicity. There is … Continue reading

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Nuclear con-fusion

In 1989, two physicists – Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons – held a press conference to reveal an experiment that apparently demonstrated nuclear fusion at room temperature. Understandably, this caused a furore in the scientific world, but after the hype … Continue reading

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