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A Tale of Two Climates

An intense El Niño event has raised global average temperatures recently, in the same way as the spike in 1998. But all the indications are that the Pacific is turning towards La Niña conditions, which will depress temperatures for the … Continue reading

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Transport priorities

Two major UK travel infrastructure projects are slowly edging towards realisation. One is HS2, which is looking increasingly like an extremely expensive way to add extra capacity on the West Coast mainline, affordable only to business travellers; the other is … Continue reading

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Having our cake and eating it

If cutting greenhouse gas emissions is as important as is claimed, there are two main ways to do it: stop using fossil fuels as soon as possible, or continue to burn them while viable alternative energy sources are developed, and … Continue reading

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Solar energy: the impossible dream

The Scientific Alliance and Adam Smith Institute have today published a new report by Dr Capell Aris. Entitled Solar Power in Britain: the Impossible Dream, it builds on his previous study Wind Power Reassessed: a Review of the UK Wind … Continue reading

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Keeping energy costs down

Consumer prices for gas and electricity have to cover various fixed costs – the distribution network, maintenance, metering, administration etc – but are determined primarily by market prices for fuel. With oil, coal and gas prices being relatively low, Europeans … Continue reading

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Fracking gains momentum in the UK

Today, the Secretary of State for Communities approved Cuadrilla’s application to do exploratory drilling for gas at a site just east of Blackpool. This is significant because it is the first approval for horizontal drilling, and clearly signals the government’s … Continue reading

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