Fracking off for Corbyn

Labour vows fracking ban if it wins general election, according to reports from the party conference. But why are so many on the Left opposed to developing a domestic supply of clean energy? For the time being, Labour’s almost certain irrelevance over the next electoral cycle makes the question rather academic, but north of the border the SNP – the only party that really matters for the next few years in Scotland – is equally committed to exploiting the country’s shale gas.

There are, of course, plenty of Tory voters who see themselves as environmentally friendly, and some of them are certainly concerned about local issues. But when it gets to the core of people who are anti-fracking, anti-nuclear and anti- pretty much everything other than renewable energy, there is a distinct Left-leaning tendency. Maybe it’s the idealism necessary to retain faith in the superiority of the State, maybe it’s a desire to keep environmentalists on-side, but it’s a fact.

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